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Hi gurus,

Google is not forthcoming and since I use an autocad OEM 3rd party software my helpfile is useless, where can I find a table/list of special characters, ie the numerals that follow the %% .. tia Ron

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Ron McNeil
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I don't know if this is a complete list, but here's what I know:

%%c = Ø (circle dimension, or diameter. Also Greek letter Phi) %%d = ° (degree) %%o = overscore, or "overline" (opposite of underline) %%p = tolerance (plus/minus) symbol %%u = underlines what comes next. %%% = percent symbol

Also, you can draw many Unicode symbols this way:

\U+HHHH, where HHHH is the Unicode symbol number in hexadecimal

For example:

\U+00B0 = degree

formatting link

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Steven M (remove cola to reply)

I knew those ones,

will delve into this site more, may have what I'm looking for, one in particular is superscript 2 for 'squared'. thx for the link

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Ron McNeil

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