Re: UCS - viewport problem?

Your description is a bit vague, but have you tried setting UCSFOLLOW = 0 in all viewports? ___

> So is there a variable that controls the thing or is it a bug..?
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Paul Turvill
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Maybe UCSFOLLOW helps

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The UCS behavior in viewports depends on the UCSVP variable, and it needs to be set in each viewport independently.

UCSVP = 1 - the viewport keeps its own UCS UCSVP = 0 - the viewport uses the UCS current in other viewports

Also causing frequent confusion is the UCSORTHO variable:

UCSORTHO = 1 - UCS changes when restoring an ortho view direction UCSORTHO = 0 - UCS stays the same when restoring an ortho view

Tim S.

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Tim S

That helped - thanks!

Also the UCSFOLLOW was a new one - thanks to everybody !


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