looking for an 11x17 copier

I have begun searching for a new copier.. its for a construction trailer &
will take a beating so I want to keep the cost down.
any recommendations?
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We have a Cannon GP200 that we are about to upgrade from. I will talk to the accountant when they are in next to make sure what /if we can sell it for.
Unfortunately I cannot find much information on the web for it, but:
It is a toner based printer/fax/copier and can handle up to 11x17 5 trays stapler/sorter network card for network printing duplexer
It's well loaded, and by now most parts have been replaced on it, and we have a few spare toner cartridges that would be included.
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just picked up a printer, a HP Deskjet 970Cse color printer with duplexer.
99¢ plus shipping.
got my plotter off eBay too. [cheapskate] HP Designjet 750C $1300 give or take a shilling.
if nothing else, do a little research of auctions that have closed to establish how much you SHOULD expect to pay if you end up buying local.
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or something similar I do pricewatch for new computer gear.
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I bought mine off eBay for $275. It's a Panasonic FP-7735, it does 35 copies/minute, reduce/enlarge, auto document feeder (a HUGE time saver), 2-sided coping, 2 large capacity paper trays, etc. What I did was just check ebay listings and sorted by "nearest". Shipping something that weighs 400 lbs. can cost more than the item itself. The only option mine didn't come with was the sorter/stapler. New, the sorter/stapler costs ~$600 but I found someone through ebay with a broken copier and I just bought the sorter/stapler from them for $60 (shipping it costs an additional $45).
It's worked like a champ for years now (I just have it cleaned about every 15 months).
Some key things you should consider when you buy a copier: Unit Size/footprint - in a trailer smaller probably is better Speed - not really important because I don't imagine you're doing a ton of copies. ADF (Auto Document Feeder) - This is a HUGE time saver if you're coping a stack of originals. Special features - Reduction/Enlargement would probably be very beneficial. Sorting - Depending upon how many sets you're copying this may or may not be a big time saver. Warm-up time - It doesn't matter how fast the copies are made if it takes forever for the machine to warm up. Also, you might not be using it enough to keep it "awake" so the faster it can warm up the better.
Michael (LS)
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