Panasonic DP-2500 11x17 Problem

I'm trying to help someone set up printing from AutoCad LT (2K version).
They can print 11x17s from other apps, but not Acad. Setting paper to
tabloid results in 8 1/2 x 11 from Acad no matter what settings I tweak for
the printer.
When I installed the latest driver for the DP-200 from Panasonic, NOTHING
comes out. Acad goes through the motions and a document goes through the
que, but nothing ever gets to the printer...doesn't even blink.
Any thougts appreciated.
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Tom, Just posted the group about VBA and saw your post. sorry I cant answer your question but we got a new Samsung laser printer a work the last week.
anyway, I have a excel file with 8 worksheets, sheet 8 has a acad exported wmf. inserted as a picture. now when I print entire workbook, sheet 8 will not print on the Samsung but it is fine on the Epson and HP.
apologise for posting this hear not being a pure acad question but any thoughts would be appreciated
TIA Dave
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I have the very same problem with LT 2000 and my HP LaserJet 1200. I talked to AutoDesk but they could not provide me with a solution. I don't think it is the printer's fault--which leaves....
-- Doug =================
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