Need printer to plot 11x17

I tried Google, but I cant seem to phrase the question properly to find out
if the Canon i9100 printer will plot ACAD drawings.
My BJC 4550 gave up the ghost. It did a nice job of plotting 11x17's. I was
looking at the BJC 5100 plotters, but it seems that the 5100 doesn't work in
XP. I'm curious if anyone is using the i9100 printer to plot 11x17 drawings.
What say Yea?
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Lowell Holmes
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Use your old Win9x machine as a print server.
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Mike Halloran
The i9100 will print up to 13x19 correct?
I use the S9000 and plot check prints and if I am not mistaken the 9100 is the successor to the 9000. I am pretty sure you should have no difficulties.
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Brian Spillane
Thanks for responding. I thought it probably will work. The specs on it say up to 13x19.
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Lowell Holmes

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