Invisible entity

When printing a drawing (previously created by someone else) there is something causing a big blank area to be printed. It is like there is some kind of invisible entity in front of it. Tried bringing the draiwng to front but it may be bringing this ghost with it. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Gary J. Gattie
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Can you see this entity in the drawing editor? Does the plot preview show this blank area? Any images in this drawing?

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R.K. McSwain

My thought exactly, check for images

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Brian Spillane

I once had this where a ghost of an image was still in the file, I could not detach the image as AutoCAD did not think it was there.

I pulled the file >When printing a drawing (previously created by someone else) there is

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are all your layers on & Thawed?

if it can't be selected, make a block of everything that can & insert it into a new drawing.

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