2006 LT plotting on HP 970Cse Deskjet

Coming from AutoCAD 11 where I can plot in portrait or landscape mode and
rotate to get what I want. Now I've got 2006LT and seem to have "lost" the
plot rotation capability ... or don't know how to do it.
I'm selecting the plot area using a window of a long vertical slim horz area
on a drawing
and printing it in both Portrait & Landscape paper settings.
What I want is the long vertical printed up-down on 8 1/2 x 11 paper when
set to Portrait.
What I get (when holding the paper landscape wise) is plot vertical aligned
with the 8 1/2" axis ... plotted either paper mode.
I think I have the latest HP driver installed .... but it appears AutoCAD
has its own drivers which seem to be used.
Any ideas how to accomplish plotting in both portrait - landscape modes
achieving 90 degree rotation of the drawing area?
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Dave Johnson
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In the lower right corner of the PLOT dialog box, there is a button with a right arrow [ > ]. pick it to see the rest of the plot controls.
Dave Johns> Coming from AutoCAD 11 where I can plot in portrait or landscape mode and
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Bill Mollman
Thanks Bill,
Gosh, I had missed that. I was clicking on PROPERTIES on the Printer/Plotter section of the Plot dialog box, selecting portrait or landscape without it having any effect. Half of upgrading is finding where they "hide" the things we are used to in old versions.
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Dave Johnson

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