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I found a need for a quick open to 'Word', but code didnt work;; it
is for a quick-custom-button.
This worked for Notepad : : (after being in the custom button area)
C^C^(startapp "notepad.exe")
I did the same for Word: : C^C^(startapp "winword.exe") no joy.
O/S is win98se.
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You will need to specify the direct path to winword.exe
This worked on my machine:
(startapp "c:\\program files\\microsoft office\\office10\\winword.exe")
You may have to change the path though.
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Greg Young
If you have a shortcut to Word on your desktop or in the Windows folder, open its Properties and insert a letter (W?) in the Shortcut Key field. Word will then open with Ctrl-Alt-W at any time in or out of any application.
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I tried that on mine (2007) and the command prompt gets stuck at (startapp c: Apparently, it's confused by the c:, looking for a command?
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