hey guys
until now i was using acad2000 and i've just installed my 2006 version, and
im having problems with the way they set up pan with mouse wheel.
when i press and drag it goes the opposite way of where im pulling.
does anyone know how can i get those settings like they where in acad2000,
cause this inverted paning is killing me
or if i can at least speed it up somehow cause when i just press the wheel
it goes normaly but too slow
thanx a lot
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Yes, it can seem a little odd. If you want to keep that function you have to come to terms with the little icon that appears. Basically when you activate it you see the icon with 4 arrows. These are meant to be arrow keys on a pad, so if you move the mouse down, it is the same as activating the down arrow key which means the screen will scroll up as it does in a text editor. The speed is a function of how far away you move the mouse away from the icon created when you first press and hold the wheel button.
You can turn this off by setting MBUTTONPAN to 0. Now the middle button will bring up the floating pop-up menu.
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Ian A. White
many wireless mice have problems with Autocad...
"stype" a écrit dans le message de news: e6ko80$2nc$
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yes, but thats no good for me, i d like to set the wheel button to pan when i press it and drag the mouse. (like in acad2000)
does anyone know how to do that?
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What kind of moue? Usual solution is to go into mouse setup and set wheel button to middle button.
stype wrote:
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yesssss! thats it isnt an autocad thing at all, i had to go to the mouse driver in windows
thanx guys
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