Moving into the 3D space

Hi, everyone!
I'm learning to use 3D modellating in AutoCAD 2002, and would like to move
inside a 3D house.
Is there any command for walking inside the model, passing through the walls
(something like track or dooly tool present in other software packages, like
I tried the command for setting the distance of the camera but, if I have a
wall in front of me, the visual keeps beeing obstructed by is (just like as
I were using the zoom tool, except for the perspective change).
Is here any way for doing what I need?
Thanx in advance.
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Marco Iannaccone
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yes, don't use a 2D cad.. *scnr*
check SketchUp:
formatting link

only 475U$ and hassle free... not to say fun in doing this.
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Norbert Grund
Thanx, but I asked for AutoCAD: Can't AutoCAD do that? I (well, actually not me but a friend) am using AutoCAD, and would like to know wheter this is possible or not.
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Marco Iannaccone
To answer your question, there is no dolly or fly-through capability in acad. You can however introduce a clipping plane in a 3d view which will ignore anything in front of or behind your plane(s). You do it from the DVIEW command, or from toolbars/menus in newer versions.
Look it up in the help.
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Michael Bulatovich
Thanx a lot! :-)
I suspected this was the only way, but.... now I jave a confirmation! :-P
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Marco Iannaccone

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