need Concrete Pad print

I draw electrical prints, but I'm in need of a concrete pad layout.
Any size will do, just need general idea of how to draw a 12" thick pad to
hold a large generator.
Any help is appreciated!
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Me too...
Is the Generator Outside (earth)? Inside (on concrete?)
Any Local requirements regarding Seismic and the attatchment of the pad to an existing/new concrete slab?
Do you need the pad to be re-inforced (ie: Re-Bar)?
But given all that, you would be better off getting a Local Structural Engineer to do the design of the pad as there is the weight of the generator to also consider (12-inches is a thick pad by any means - but if you are talking 1500 Kw generator... may not be enough).
I'd call for chamfered edges (personal tast).
And if you have Seismic considerations, then there is a minimum amount of area around the physical dimension of the genrator base to allow proper seismic bolting down of the generator.
Other than that, I'm also a bit unclear to exactly what you are asking. As far as a plan view is concerned, a rectangle with a note to it informing the contractor that a concrete pad is required is usually what we do here (Vancouver, Canada). We have in our Spec that the Contractor is responsible to have a local Seismic Engineer design the pad. We just call for that one is required under the contract.
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Mr. B
And in some areas hurricane considerations have to be accounted for....a Wilma survivor.
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