need syntax to insert a block using a menu item

I'm trying to create an additional menu item to list all my blocks......

***POP12 [BLOCKS] [block1]^c^cINSERT blockname [block2]^c^cINSERT blockname etc.

this doesn't work - so please tell me what the correct syntax would be to have this INSERT command grab the right block without me having to type in the name of the block at the prompt.....


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This is what I use: [8K]^C^C-insert;Girders/08KS.dwg;\;;;

Use ; instead of spaces, it's hard to read the difference between one space and two. Use - infront of insert to use the command line version.

Notes: Girders folder is a subfolder of Library Folder like this:

Library Girders Doors Etc.

And the library folder is listed in the support path. The subfolders do not have to listed, just the upper folder, in this case Library.

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Chip Harper

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