Old timer trying to learn ac

I guess I'm an old timer too. (I hate that) I've been using
Unigraphics for 16 years. I really like it, but there are very
few jobs out there for aging draftsmen like me. I have done
a few job at home for a guy using autocad lt 2002. (Yes, I
really bought the program.) I like autocad, but everything
I learned was thru books. Luckily for me the guy I did the
work for only was interested in the final drawings (11 x 17),
so I didn't have to be totally embarrassed by my amateur
layer control and anything else I screwed up. I've been looking
for work in the upper midwest and everybody wants autocad
and solidworks. My company does alot of work for Aerospace
and we may have to move to CATIA. Trust me, I've used it
before and I'll quit. The only good job are in autocad and
Sorry for the rant, I know this is somewhat off topic, but
I needed to get it off my chest.
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Go for solid works, autocad is a crap program.
Fatdrafter wrote:
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