outputting from autocad to a png file for my web page.
autocad 2000 using a hdi driver, whose origion I cannot recall.
I need the floor plan to be transparent.
currently, I plot to PNG and grab the file with Irfanview, save as an
interlaced GIF, with limited success.
ONE OF THE THINGS I HAD TO DO TO MAKE IT WORK was set my background in
autocad to white before I plotted. (there were many other things too)
anyway, some of my first attempts, what looked like a white background
in the PNG file was actually RGB of 2 4 2, or within spitting distance.
there are a great many puzzles here for me. I will have fun this
weekend. but anybody that can shed any light on any portion of the
process, well, info would be greatly appreciated.
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but anybody that can shed any light on any portion of the
puzzle solved. the hdi driver had some custom settings. that is where you can set the background to "white" and produce a png file that can be made into a transparent background.
quothe the idgit, "nevermind"
web page production proceeding apace.
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