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Hello all,
I have some drawings at work that when I purge them the size
of the file actually increases! Does any one know why this happens??
Also I have 700 drawings (yes seven hundred, part of council house
regeneration) that all need purging, does anyone know of a quick way to do
this? Or is it a case of purging each one individually??
Many thanks for your help
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Stephen Franks
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"Clean" drawing files from a previous version of AutoCAD will often "grow" slightly just by being loaded and resaved in a newer version. It's just a function of Autodesk's ever-changing file format.
Batch purging can be done easily with a script. The script can even be generated by a LISP routine; for an example, see RESAVE.LSP at
formatting link
... easily modified by adding PURGE All to the script-writing subroutine. ___
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Paul Turvill

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