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They did a demo here last week, followed by Autodesk and Bentley... Eagle
Point has been thrown out of the decision process.
Robert J wrote:
> > I am in the process of compiling a memo to management, justifying our
> > corporate move to AutoDesk software, as out primary design software... What
> > I am now looking for are references.. Has anyone ever seen a list of all
> > municipalities and/or companies that are utilizing AutoDesk software?? The
> > more the merrier... Feel free to list your company (the larger firm the
> > better), and a contact.
> Go with Eagle Point for your civil software...........or at least > consider it.
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Robert J
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Consider what your clients want for deliverables as well. Many of our private and municipal clients want Autocad deliverables, but the state DOT wants Microstation and specifically the GEOPAK design files. So we are forced to support both.
On the AutoCAD side we use Eaglepoint. It has it's problems, but does what we need it to where the other packages we looked at fell short (when we evaluated them several years ago.)
On the microstation side we use GEOPAK. Haven't used it much (though that will change in the next 12 months), but from what I have used of it, it will save us a great deal of time of time over eagle point or softdesk.
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Tim Arheit

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