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I have a question about a scanner of mine. It is a ScanPlus III 300 scanner, and according to the online manual, it has a SCSI interface with a SCSI card included, but looking at the scanner, it appears to have a parallel port interface(right number of pins), including a connector with a printer symbol, presumably for sharing the parallel port. Can anyone explain this seeming contradiction?

Here is the link to the manual.

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The PDF is almost unreadable (I took a brief look), and I don't know that scanner, but a 25 pin SCSI port and standard parallel port look identical (and both scsi cable and printer cable will fit either (but one will not work in the other, of course).


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Mac McDougald

Don't know your scanner, but my old (and reliable) Agfa Snapscan 310 uses a "loop-thru" parallel port which then goes on to my printer. However in Device Manager (Win98SE) , there is an entry for Agfa EPPSCSI Miniport driver, under the SCSI Controllers section. "Refreshing" this entry helps to wake my scanner connection from slumber.

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Malcolm Stewart

I couldn't find a usable picture in the manual, but I'm quite sure it is a SCSI connector. There are numerous SCSI connectors. For old devices and this seems quite old there are 2 possibilities.

One is a 25 pin D connector. This was mostly used on Apple Macs.

The other was a 50 pin Centronics connector. This looks just like the printer Centronics connector but the printer connector is only 36 pin and therefore narrower.

Use facotry default number. Not 0 or 7.

Good Luck Ira Solom>I have a question about a scanner of mine. It is a ScanPlus III 300

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Ira Solomon

According to your manual (link above), the Interface is a SCSI and is probably a 25 pin D connector.

The following information applies to PCs only.

Now the bad part I got from a quick scan of the manual, the orignial SCSI card was a 8 or 16 bit ISA card, that will not work in any computer made in the last 3 to 5 years. Computers today do not have ISA slots any more. But, you can get a PCI SCSI card that will work. I know of at least two cards that may work.

  1. Adaptec 2906 USD + shipping. You may find them cheaper on

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  1. Benq Scsi Card. USD + shipping.
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    down to see it. There is also a Scsi cable, but it is only 3 ft. long, I think it is too short. Belkin makes a good 6 ft. scsi cable. The Belkin Number is "F2A047-06" it is labeled as a IEEE 1284 A-A Switchbox cable DB25 Male/Male Parallel.

Get the Scsi driver software for the Benq Card at:

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any of the Acard SCSI Driver links.

I hope you have the scanner driver software!

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Thanks for your help. It appears it is a 25-pin SCSI connector, and the printer connection may be for printing directly from the scanner.

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