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Attempting to setup symbol manager to work for all users. I got all
the slides to show up in the symbol manager then tried to access the
symbol set from another computer. For global settings I set Projects/
User Preferences/Symbol Manager Files: to n:\Program Files\Land
Desktop 2004\Data\Symbol Manager\KSE\KSE.dbf (location of custom built
symbol set on server) even after rebooting ACAD the KSE symbol set
wasn't available. The only successful route has been adding the
KSE.dbf path under [symbol files] and each key symbol path under
Symdata in the local sdsk.dfm. Of my limited knowledge of deep ACAD, I
know "one switch can be off" and stop a lot of commands! Maybe I
don't have something in the right location?
Blocks: on server in different folders, ie. Sewer, storm, water etc..
Slides: Symbol manager created slides in block folder ie. SewerMH.dwg
& SewerMH.sld both in sewer folder on server
Slide Library: located in same folder as blocks and slides. In trying
different things noticed I can create symbol set without a library, is
a library beneficial to symbol manager?
Symbol File: n:\Program Files\Land Desktop 2004\Data\Symbol Manager
Is there an easier way than manually editing the sdsk.dfm?
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