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Hi folks:)
I have a small problem with zooming out... for example i have working
area from -400,-400 to 400,400 ... and autocad stops zooming out when
reaches this 'scale' (shows whole scene) ... how to adjust size of
working area to for example -1000,-1000 / 1000,1000 ? I need this to
draw bigger than 400 units object when I draw in centimeters.
Thanks in advance,
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HiHo; You might put a point at -1000,-1000 and 1000,1000 then zoom extents.
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Thanks a lot ! It works :) Cheers !
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Although I don't think anybody ever uses it anymore, you can also use the command called (surprise, surprise) 'limits'. It was a big thing amongst the 'instructors' at 'college' hundreds of years ago when I was learning CAD - but even back then just drawing a really big object and then deleting seemed much simpler - and templates are/were easier still!
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Hi Pawel...
u can regenerate the drawing by typing RE in command line and press entre..it will solve your problem
By, Neeraj
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Easy, just zoom by a factor eg 0.25x.
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