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Welding equip want to add mig/fluxcore capability
I'll apologize in advance for being somewhat vague about what I'm after. And probably for using more verbosity than is really necessary. A first word about my experience: 35 yrs of all kinds of...
6 years ago 2
Where to buy WS-Patina paint in USA or Canada?
Hi All, I need to buy the WS-Patina paint in USA or Canada, or any internet suppliers that can ship to USA or Canada. It is a German company Can anyone please help? Thanks. Iron Worker
6 years ago
little giant serial number
I just bought a 25# little giant trip hammer. Where would I find the serial number?
6 years ago
heat treating pry bar
I have a 5/8",30" long pry bar that has a messed up 'wedge' end. Getting it the right shape using a forge would be no problem. But returning its strength is beyond my knowledge. . . .Sure would...
10 years ago 5
Bloom iron
In the latest issue of ABANA's publication "The Anvil's Ring" (Volume 39/Number 3/Spring 2011, pages 32-35) a fellow by the name of Lee Sauder wrote an article titled 'Journey Into Medieval...
10 years ago 8
venting forge
I'm in the process of setting up my shop. Everything I've read talks about how hard it is to get a good draft to exhaust coal smoke. I've got a working powered vent hood that I salvaged. Can I use it...
11 years ago 8
forging in cold (freezing) weather
just an added note here. if you guys go out in the morning and start up your little giant or mayer brothers or whatever kind power hammer (mechanical) you have, be forewarned. that big spring is not...
12 years ago 4
Who has actually tested some anthracite coal?
We all know that some forms of coal don't work well for blacksmithing. But does anybody out there have some testing of "non-blacksmith coal" that they'd care to share. Don't be shy. I don't think...
12 years ago 1
Making shovel heads 9or blades) with the Roger Lorance Swage Block
I have been using the 34 pound swage block that Roger Lorance sells for over 20 years. Just last Saturday, the Badger Blacksmiths (western Wisconsin ABANA affiliate) bought a bunch of them--- (8 or...
12 years ago
Lube/ grease for Champion hand crank?
I have a Champion blower that's in nice shape externally, the gears seem to be in fine shape, but the bearings, especially on the fan-shaft are pretty beat (+/- 1/8" of slop). Because of that it's...
14 years ago 16
Anyone know how to track down information on old tools?
Hello all, I know this isn't strictly blacksmithing, but the metalworking group seems pretty dead. My dad gave me an old, old metal shear this afternoon, and I'm fairly consumed with curiosity about...
15 years ago 7
Broken anvil
Hi Guys, A tale of woe. I had a nice piece of pattern welded steel underway, and was happily pounding away on my cheap piece of crap anvil (which I'd already repaired with a new face). Blam, blam,...
15 years ago 5
gas forge burner question
Gday all, is there any advantage or disadvantage to using a blown burner over a venturi or atmospheric type? I trying to decide which type to build, I know I know, build both and test.... :-)...
15 years ago 28
Help with Makel forge
Hey all, I just purchased a used Mankel Knifemaker forge - three burner propane variety. Nice unit but the first thing I notice is that the burners don't mix the gas and air very well. I get swirling...
16 years ago 8
Large propane tank for BBQ pit
I just acquired a large propane tank that I plan to turn into a BBQ pit, any safe suggestions on how to cut it, the tank has had propane in it for twenty years. I have been told by one person that you...
16 years ago 7
Bridgeport manual for free!
Thanks to Roy I downloaded manuals for Bridgeport BRJ / BR2J2 for free! Available at: free! Good quality pdf file! Roy got interesting site about Bridgeport mills at: It's not nice to publish...
17 years ago 1
mapp gas
Hi all, I planning on playing around with casting. I have a bunch of old scrape cast al and I'm moving. I just want to melt the stuff and make ingots to make it easier to move the stuff. I'll do more...
17 years ago 4
Blacksmithing Event - Capital District, NY
Hello Everyone! Just a quick note to let anyone interested that CDBA (Capital District Blacksmiths' Assoc) will be hosting a blacksmithing event/picnic on Sunday, September 26th at the Copake...
17 years ago
FRANK DEAN, the Rodmell blacksmith, died on Monday 27 7 04
I never knew Frank as well as I should have, I studied his evening classes at Plumptom College for only two terms. Even more than the considerable amount of information that he taught was the...
17 years ago
how to make a ball swage
I am a lot more of a machinist than a blacksmith. However, I sometimes beat on hot steel. I have borrowed a 25# LG hammer and I want to make some wall hooks with a ball on the end, out of 1/2" square...
17 years ago 16