Is it always like this?

I have just joined this group, but I can't understand why the only posts I
am seeing dated from the 20th have to do with penis enlargement and
seduction, etc. Not that I don't care about these things, but have the rest
of you run off somewhere?
I consider this a test post--I want to see whether a a "normal" person can
get get through.
Leo Lichtman
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Leo Lichtman
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"Leo Lichtman" wrote in news:_g5Ma.29324$
Filters (Newsreader variety) are often quite usefull, especially when set to eliminate multiply-crossposted messages.
That's why I don't see a lot of that kind of spam.
To answer your implied question, yes, a "normal" person can get through.
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maybe my isp is doing good! i havent seen anything like that ( apart from my inbox of course....)
russ from Oz
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Russell and/or Meredith
To answer your question directly: No, it isn't always like this. But this newgroup seems to be somewhat sporadic with original posts. It generally takes someone to ask a relevant question on a subject of general blacksmithing interest to get things going.
Pete Stanaitis -----------------
Leo Lichtman wrote:
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Pete & sheri

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