Is this the right replacement part?

I have just replaced the two cylinders for my glass door and now I think
perhaps I should replace my mortise portion as well. Here is a picture and
the dimension as indicated by the ruler:
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I am wondering if this is a pretty standard part that I can order online?
Will this one work?
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I think I have a standard bolt, so the only option is either 31/32" or
1-1/8" backset, so if I measure the distance from the center of cylinder to
the edge of the door, that should be one or the other, everything should be
the same and I can just order one and plug in for the other, or are there
additional measurements I need to worry about?
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Nothing against the local locksmiths and its not the money, I simply don't have time to call a locksmith and wait at home for 4 hours during a business day for someone to show up, then most likely not having the right part, then have to come back the next day, and I wait another several hours for that to happen, and sometimes I wait a whole day and they can't show due to traffic or a complication of a previous job. It seems if I am going to sit home for 4 hours to wait, I might as well do it myself.
I routinely use their services, if I need to rekey a cylinder I remove it myself and take it to a locksmith to have it done, rather than asking them to come out and have to wait and wait and wait.
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After I replaced the two cylinders, it seems they are much more difficult to lock and unlock, the torgue I have to apply is much more than the old worn out cylinders. Something is not aligned right or some parts inside needs to be serviced, I figure if it's cost effective I just replace it.
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It's clear that you think you saved money by not calling out a locksmith to replace the cylinders on your metal door there... But there is more to swapping out a cylinder than threading it in...
You probably don't have the correct cam on the back of the mortise cylinders you installed... Or you have installed them incorrectly by either not threading them in far enough or threading them in too far so that the cam on the cylinder is scraping against parts inside the lock it shouldn't be...
This is why paying a service call charge for a locksmith to come out and do the work for you is worth it... I saw in another thread about the Ives flush bolt on your front door having parts missing and you want to know if its a standard part or not... It is, any locksmith that does commercial work will have several of those in stock... Good luck if you try to fix that one yourself -- it takes experience working with those things to get the threaded rod cut to the right length and installed properly...
Then there is your recent posting in asking about how to mount door handles that will fit your metal store front door... You seriously need to rethink your time management issues... You are willing to spend untold hours of time posting these questions to UseNet newsgroups asking your questions so you will find out what you need to know to sound like you understand what you are talking about when you make your infamous trips to the locksmith's shop you frequent to purchase your parts one at a time... A locksmith who is properly informed as to the scope of the project you are calling him/her out for will be able to provide service in a timely manner... Have you ever thought about asking the locksmith to come out to your location as the "first call" in the morning to look things over to see what is needed to properly fix/ repair what you need taken care of as far as parts go ??? Then asking them to come BACK to do the work again as a "first call" of the day ???
Good luck finding all your parts and all, and installing them correctly...
If you are going to use not wanting to wait around all day as an excuse for not calling a locksmith -- please explain why you seem to look for your own parts on-line and then ask "is this the right one" when you say it isn't about the money ??? It is about the money with you and its really annoying to see you try and cover that with your bs story about not wanting to wait around all day...
Evan, ~~ formerly a maintenance man and now also a former college student...
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by the looks it needs some white lithium grease sprayed in the mechanism, PLUS the lock being threaded in far enough OR too far makes a BIG difference, PLUS the right tail piece on the lock cylinders.. YES it can be wore out, HOWEVER, taking both cylinders out and tripping it by had WILL show wear/drag problems REAL QUICK ] --Shiva--
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That possibility has been eliminated. If I thread it in too far it wouldn't engage the lock, if I don't thread them in too far it wouldn't engage the lock either. The threshold is only about one half of a turn.
Yes I did ask that. Is there something wrong with asking? I apologize if this group is intended for experienced locksmiths exchanging information and not the novice to ask questions, and perhaps sometimes stupid questions I will admit.
Yes. The door handle issue has to be dealt with by myself as I am trying to find a pair of handles that is not same as what I had before - looking for something a bit different.
not untold hours. It's a matter of minutes to do some research on the net on the subject matter. Sometimes I get my answers just from googling and sometimes I felt I need some pointers. I am pretty good at finding out if I am over my head or whether it's something I can take care of myself to save time.
Have you ever thought this is a simple thing to ask that perhaps I would have tried already? 4 hour windows for service is typical where I live. I will admit part of it has to do with I prefer to deal with a locksmith who has a store where I can walk in and not a mobile van with no address. Most of the time you call and you don't even talk to the locksmith, you talk to a girl who write down your name and you get a time table - two days later from 8 - 12 or three days later from 10 - 2. So yes if I can google for five minutes and ask a few questions and get it taken care of within an hour, I do it.
Look, I am in the middle of a remodeling job and on a given week I need to hire plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc...and I need to schedule them to come on the time slot I can afford to be home to wait for them, Tuesday afternoon is the plumber, Friday morning is the electrician etc...I have to try to minimize my time for not being at my full time job, if the locksmith can come at the same time great, if not I have to do what I can by myself. Hire a contractor then right? Well that's another story. However, this is not a money issue, I simply don't have time to wait, and I do get no show like 2 times out of five (not just locksmiths, but also other tradesman), delays after delays.
It is about the money with you and its really annoying
I don't understand why this is so upsetting to you and have to judge people whose circumstances you don't understand and whose locality you are not familiar with. You can fault me for asking stupid questions, and you can fault me for asking questions in a group that perhaps are designed to be used by locksmiths only, I don't understand where the "bs story" and "cover up" is coming from. Asking questions and try to educate myself on a variety of subjects is what I am trying to do here and part of deciding if I need to hire someone. Even if I hire someone out I still will ask a few questions prior so I will be up to speed on the subject matter. If it turns out I can't deal with the flish bolt issue (which at this point look like I won't be) then I will hire someone out, but it still is useful to tell the call dispatcher that I need to install a "flush bolt". Really I am trying to understand where the hostility is coming from.
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yours is the standard.
take the latch-bolt mechanism out of the door. the back-set should be stamped on the side of the latch body.
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actually your lock does look fine. your problem seems to be adjustments. you may have the same problem with new parts ?
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I'm glad you think that... When you eventually figure out that it is combination of not having the cylinder threaded in to the exact right place and having the incorrect cam on the back of the cylinders that are causing your troubles...
QUESTION: How can you compare the operation of the lock now to what is was before since in your OP on the OT last month you clearly stated that you didn't have the keys to the lock in the first place ??? Which was the reason for posting, that you needed replacement cylinders to operate the locks due to not having the key and you expressed an interest in having the locks work with the same key as the rest on your house...
There is nothing wrong with asking a few questions here and there... But you are one of the extreme "weekend warrior" types who would rather do everything on your own than pay someone else who actually knows how to do it to do it for you... Which means you either have some kind of preference to ask people who know how to do such things for FREE step-by-step instructions or a rather extreme fear of parting with your hard earned money to have someone else do work you think you should be able to do yourself given the correct information...
The problem with that statement is that the door was designed to have a certain type of handle installed on it at a certain position... (i.e. where the two screws are screwed in on either side of the face of the door) and you seem to want something else entirely to "look" different... Again it takes knowledge that you do not possess to take a handle and attach it in a safe way that complies with all applicable laws and ADA codes... That is if you still want the "office" to which the door opens into to still have the ability to be used as an "office"... It would be the most simple for you to find something similar to what was on the door originally and mount it using the existing screws already on the door...
LOL... "not untold hours" umm, you have to post your question after your "minutes of research" and then wait for answers while checking back from time to time to see if someone has answered your question... Not just on alt.locksmithing but on other groups as well... That takes more than a few minutes...
And then if all you were after was an answer to "what is this thing" then you would be off doing more "minutes of research" rather than coming back asking even more and more questions... When you are looking for FREE step-by-step instructions over and over again rather than paying someone to do the work you show a distinct lack of respect for those that do that type of work for a living... You said you were some kind of engineer ??? How would you like it if your clients decided not to hire you on to consult on a project but kept coming back and asking for FREE advice one step at a time via e-mail ???
You are not simply asking one or two questions and going away, you are seeking someone to provide you with the knowledge to complete your projects without paying someone else whom possesses that knowledge to do them for you...
Again this is an excuse -- I am more than sure that since your timing requirements are much more atypical than picky little old ladies and the most annoying commercial account, that if you offered to pay a premium rate for the technician's time that you could close that "four hour window" down to an exact arrival time of your choice... But the deciding factor to that is making that offer since your time is of the essence... Not EVERY locksmith in your area is going to be working only out of his/her van... Do some more google searching and find a large enough outfit with a store front that is more than a "one or two man" operation and you will most likely find a more accommodating service availability...
That answer basically confirms that I am correct in my assumption that you are too cheap to hire someone who will do the work at the going rate... You most likely call around to find the absolute cheapest contractor for your need that can come on the day and approximate times you ask... If you schedule your job with a contractor and pay the going rate for the job (which often includes paying a minimum service call charge even if your project turns out to be very simple)...
Hmm... Interesting that you don't try and schedule several contractors for the same time... That would even further reduce the amount of time that you have to spend waiting and waiting and waiting... What is the reason for that ??? Can't look over the shoulder and ask questions of more than one contractor at a time ???
This is why you need a contractor to deal with these kinds of things, a contractor would also keep track of making sure that the various sub-contractors working on the jobsite are pulling the permits required of them when performing certain types of work... Something that if you don't keep track of as you are going along, will most definitely bite you in the ass when you are seeking your final occupancy permit...
Cheapskates are universal and the "excuses" they use kinda go along the same lines that you are feeding out in your quest for knowledge... Maybe if you were honest about your actual intentions from the beginning you wouldn't get responses like mine... You are seeking FREE information from people who had to earn it with their time by working for others... Asking one or two questions is fine, but why should anyone tell you how to do each and every little thing you want to try and attempt to do on your own for FREE ??? If learning how to do it on your own is so important to you then just BUY the items and read the directions that come with it in the box... Simple as that...
I may not know who the contractors and locksmiths are in whatever "locality" you are from, but what you are encountering has more to do with the way you are asking them for service and the fact that you "shop around" for the best deal...
You ever wonder why your contractors don't show ??? It is because they got a last minute call offering more money for their time than you were willing to pay... SO they ditch you and do the job for more money... That is the kind of service you get when you seek out the cheapest service provider you can possibly find...
So please don't say it isn't about the money...
You have said more than enough to prove to anyone who knows what they are doing that it is all about the money and nothing else...
I do wish you luck with completing your home repairs, but I think you needed it pointed out to you that your various posts contained inconsistencies that don't fit your "i'm just looking for information" story...
Evan, ~~ formerly a maintenance man and now also a former college student...
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Kinda like buying a new car when the ash trays are full.
The lock you have should work smooth. If it worked good before it should work good after.
The only time I ever had to replace one of these is in the case of serious abuse.
Remove the whole shooting match from the door and seat one cylinder while the lock is in your hand and the problem should become obvious.
You may have one or both cylinders threaded in one turn too far, or you have an oversize cam.
When removing the lock from the door be careful as the lock may be mounted with sleeves to space the lock body a certain distance from the edge of the door so that the face plate sits flush.
If you drop these down inside sometimes they fall out the bottom, and sometimes they get stuck some where inside.
Better not to loose them in the first place, the screw retaining the lock body is sized to not be too long. (If was too long it would hit the glass,) hence you only need to back off the screw about 1 diameter or so (IRC about 5 or 6 turns.) leave the screw in the lock and carefully wiggle the lock out of the cavity without tilting it too much.
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Roger Shoaf
From your idiotic indignant replies that people would dare do something themselves instead of paying for it one would think all posters to alt.locksmithing were in Farmington and you were losing money on each and every request for information. Don't worry there are plenty of locks, HVAC systems and misc appliances in NY state for you to destroy for the forseeable future.
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"Evan" wrote in message
So what? What's that to you?
Which means you either have some kind of preference
Holy freaking crap. You mean somebody is on Usenet asking for FREE information?
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With all due respect, I was trying to comment on your comments, but I don't want to turn this into a virtual shouting match as we are both adults. All I ask is you don't judge people if you don't know their situations and extrapolate based on partial information.
Do I post on and ask questions? Yes I do. I also post here occasionally, as well as a few other groups.
Do I tend to over-analyze? OK I admit perhaps I do. Although not to the extreme as Stormin Mormon suggested. I tend to overanalyze because I have to. I will explain later.
Have you seen me post any question on electrical problems? Don't think so? Ever wonder why? Because I know I can hang a lamp and switch a light bulb and anything else I can't do and have to hire out.
I don't negotiate prices. I am not the kind that call and find the cheapest price and schedule it so they cancel on me. I don't know where you live, perhaps you live in a nice small town with friendly and honest people. I don't, I live in Miami.
Have you tried to hire a contractor in Miami? Let me give you a few data points.
- Two years after hurricane Wilma, there are still thousands and thousands of houses with blue tarp on their roof. Do you know why? Roofers are no where to be found. There is a roofer that I use for repair, and after hurricane Wilma I called them, the greeting says "If you would like to re-roof, press one, all others press two". If you press one it will say "If you are ready to start a job now, press one, otherwise press two". If you press one it will say "If you are paying for the job, press one, otherwise press two." and if you press one, it says "If you are a previous customer, press one, otherwise press two". Roofing jobs are scheduled a year, 18 months into the future. They will only do new roofs, no time for minor repairs. This is not one company, this is the usual and customary. There are many people driving in vans with a "ABC Roofing" LOGO on their vans, driving by neighborhoods and target on old folks with damaged roof and offer to "start their job tomorrow with a $5000 deposit" and disappeared forever. I paid for my hurricane shutters in November 2005 (required 50% deposit), they were installed in September 2006 and I was considered lucky to have it done so soon. It's very very hard to find good contractors and tradesmen, even if you are willing to pay premium. I tried to find a contractor to handle all aspects of my job, no luck. So far I have a good electrician, a good plumber, and a good carpenter and they are doing work on my house. I have had a few bad experiences with a fence guy and a pool guy, and no, I don't find the cheapest, and I don't learn from them so I can do it myself, at least that's not the motivation, sometimes I inquire into what they do because of my overanalyzing tendencies.
- Again, may be where you are, you can get on the phone and talk to the tradesman and ask for a quote or price over the phone. Not here. Usually a standard fee for a service call, some provides free estimates, some do not, again usually based on the industry. HVAC trademen always charge a service call, chimeny guys do too, landscape guys and carpenters don't, I don't know why. You really cannot call around and get the "cheapest" price or negotiate as you suggested. Prices are usually pretty standard unless you get into custom stuff.
So let me re-iterate, the reason some of the stuff I end up doing myself are the things that are typically not "hold ups" (can't wait) and are too small a job for me to call someone and wait. It's not a "story" or "cover up with hidden agendas" as you suggested although there is nothing I am going to say to change your opinion - that I ask questions so I can learn for free how to do something step by step and refusing to pay the qualified people to do it right.
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Did you switch the cams on the cylinders? Use the cams from the old cylinders-I mean.
Is there any free space at all in the rotation of the cylinder(When you put the key in and turn-Is it free for about a quarter turn-then hard to turn?)
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