Cylinder spacer?

I am in the process of replacing the cylinder of my store front door mortise
lock. Here is a pic:
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with the old cylinders. Thanks for all who help me disassembling it.
while I disassembled the old cylinders, there was a plastic spacer which has
basically disintegrated.
I went to the locksmith and got two new cylinders, one keyed for outside and
one thumbturn for the inside. Everything looks fine. I went back and put
it on but there is still a lot of "play" and the cylinders can slide back
and forth. So I went to the locksmith and bought two metal spacers. Put
those on and there is still play.
I can make more turns to tighten the cylinder, but it seems once I go too
far, it will no longer engage the lock to open/close so I have to back off a
bit. Now I went back to the locksmith again this time he suggested a hard
collar with a built in spacer so I am trying it but the collar is slightly
bigger than the cylinder (the inner diameter of the collar is about 3/8"
bigger than the outer diameter of the cylinder) so it's not a good fit. Now
I spent $32.00 on the cylinders now I have already spent $16.00 for spacers.
Is there an online source for difference spacers with sizes and finishes?
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I would see if the locksmith will exchange the thin spacers he sold you for ones that are a bit thicker, probably an even swap.
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Roger Shoaf

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