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jon_banquer 4/5/12
Unfortunately, everything in Mastercam is based off an over 25 year old wireframe geometry engine that relies on manual Chaining. The
geometry engine in Mastercam relies on manual Chaining because wireframe geometry is dumb and doesn't have the kind of built in intelligence that a solid model does. Until the wireframe geometry engine in Mastercam is removed and replaced with a modern solids based geometry engine, Mastercam will continue to be the bug filled, unreliable and out dated system it has become.
********* ???WTF? I'm confused now, with you all contradicting yourself left and right. So from what I can piece together from what youve written...
Mastercam wireframe toolpaths suck so bad they are the greatest thing since retract planes. what?
I do know this, with todays computing power, it would be quite possible to get the same level of AI into wireframe data that we currently have in solids. Problem is thats not the direction cam programming has gone, or we would be there instead of imersed in solids. Your an end user bonquers. They tell you how to use the software, they tell you how to machine. You do it there way and follow their verbage and condemn them when it doesnt quite do it the way you know how. The software doesnt empower you, it limits you. First you need to actually use the stuff, suffer with it, make it happen no matter what, untill you figure out how the guy (or guys) who wrote it machine themselves. Then...and only then can you make their tool do things they never imagined could be done.
Didnt you see star wars? Watch bruce lee movies or kung fu tv? Read the teachings of JESUS?
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