Anyone got any 3ph reversng relays?

Im getting the materials together to built a control unit for an Italian horizontal milling machine in my home shop.

I need (2) 230vt 3ph reversing relays (contactors) with interlocks and overloads rated at 2-3hp.

Any voltage coil would be fine.

I need to be able to turn the spindle forwards and reverse, as well as the table feed direction. 2 seperate motors

The original set up was a control panel mounted on the base of the machine, on the port side about 6" from the floor. This required the operator to get down on his hands and knees, craw under the table, and set direction, turn on the coolant pump etc.

Freaking morons.

Good mechanical design, but the control circuity sucked with loud slurping noises and the switches were pieces of shit that failed over the years.

One supposes I could use drum switches...shrug..but I really want to make a small control head that attaches to the overarm and uses small switches to control the relays boxed in a convienent location. Table F/O/R, spindle F/o/R, and Coolant. On/off, Worklight On/Off. Estop

Mainpower On/off I can put on the side of the machine.

Swap/trade/barter etc


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Since reversing is swapping two leads - leave the wild one alone and use a 2 pole double throw - or two 2 pole single throw and wire them.

I might have the two 2 pole - I have to look. I had some left over from my single phase to 3 phase conversion control box.

I'll try to look this weekend. I also have some heavy industrial rotary switches.

Mart> Im getting the materials together to built a control unit for an Italian

government's ability to govern the people,

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Martin H. Eastburn

Gunner, I think I have some 3 contact heavy duty relays from a mainframe disk controller with 115V coils, but I think they are single throw. Let me know if they are of use. I think you you need an off before on function and a seperate interlock as well. You are probably better off with drum switches though. Steve

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Steve Lusardi

Thanks Steve, but I as you said...I need the off before on and interlocks. Drum switches will work...but because of the design...there is not too many places to put drum switches that are safe or convinent.

Im not a big fan of reaching past spinning 6" horizontal mill cutters to turn it off and on. I have that issue now with my older Abene.

But Thanks!


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Gunner Asch

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