Cost to enable an option on a Mazak?

We have an E-800V 5-axis Mazak. It has the Fusion 640M Pro control.
Anyone know the cost to enable the "convert to EIA option"? I'd like to
know before I suggest it at work, as there is a lot of wasted motion in
a program we have been asked to more than double our weekly output,
which would tie up the machine for 16 hours a day, seven days a week.
I'm sure I could save about 10 to 15 percent of the cycle time if I had
this in EIA. It's a fairly long program, lots of tool changes, and
compound angles for milling. I hate to see it home out all axis' after
every tool change, or when picking up a new work shift. I could manually
convert it, but don't want to if possible. Our engineer doesn't program
for this machine, as usually we have simple short run jobs on it, but
this job is tying up more of the machine's capacity than we like.
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Steve Walker
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Convert all Mazatrol canned cycles (except drilling units) to manual Mazatrol units.This alone will take time off of the cycle time. On the horizontals, when you call an index, if similar don't put a 0 in the x or y axis positions.
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jay s
I'd just call Mazak and ask. Our multiplex's have EIA but those machines were here long before I showed up.
Hold on is 'convert to eia' something different than having the EIA option? I don't remember seeing that on the option page.
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Yes. It's on the "version", "options" page. We have the EIA option. Your control may be different. You should see our manual, comparing various functions between Mazatrol and EIA. The time differences are incredible. I suppose I could call, but you know shop heirarchy. I don't wanna step on toes.
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Steve Walker

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