lost mouse on Mazak Fusion

Lost the mouse on a Mazak Fusion - as it boots up it showed cannot find
mouse, replaced the mouse pad, also replaced the mother board it
attached to, still booting windows cannot find the mouse.
Went into the control panel as well to try to reestablish mouse
functionability -
wondering if there are any other ways to fix this -
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you have to show it the mouse before you start. explain, it is a mouse and how it is supposed to work. tell it not to be afraid of the mouse.ask it nicely to work properly now.
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Buy one from Mazak they are cheap and simple to install
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Dave B
I've already bought a new mouse, new motherboard, all from Mazak?.
Windows in the Fusion still doesn't recognize that it is there?.
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I've purchased a new mouse , replaced the mother board, Windows in the Fusion control still doesn't recognize that it is there - WTF
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Mouse plugs into motherboard directly?
Start...settings...Control panel...Mouse....
start...settings...control panel...system...hardware...device manager...mice and pointing devices....is one shown there?
What does Mazak say?
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