Error on vacant variable?

This is a question about parameter settings.
Fanuc 18i: I notice that if I use a program command that contains an unset
variable register, it is treated as if it were set to zero. Is this governed by
a parameter setting? Can I get it to return an error instead?
The machine will not move. I would like to have it so that it returns an error.
Can this be done?
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Your example is the same as:
So it should stop the machine.
#0 is Vacant, meaning it has no value not even the value of zero.
Yes you can create a custom error message:
You need to create an error check to see if a particular variable is "Vacant" (has no value) and then display a custom alarm for the operator. (Haven't checked 18i manual to verify exact syntax but this should work.) It will go something like this:
IF[#101 EQ #0]THEN#3000=1(VARIABLE 101 IS VACANT);
1) Checks to see if #101 is vacant, 2) If vacant machine will a) Halt (similar to M00 but spindle and coolant will stay on) b) Alarm c) Error message will come up on the screen: "VARIABLE 101 IS VACANT" or "MC001 VARIABLE 101 IS VACANT" 3) If not vacant program will continue uninterrupted.
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IF[#101EQ#0]THEN#3000=1(VARIABLE 101 IS VACANT);
Will desplay error message "3001 VARIABLE 101 IS VACANT"
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