Hitachi Seiki peck drill cycle...AGAIN

I've got a Hitachi Seiki HT-25G with a Seicos Lamda 40L controller, and
I can't get the thing to do a "normal" G81 peck drill cycle. I posted
this here a few months ago and nothing that anyone suggested worked. I
ended up manually programming my own peck drill cycle, but I have to do
a few more and it's really tedious. Does someone out there with this
controller have a peck cycle that actually works?
Mark Serbu
Serbu Firearms, Inc.
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ya try a G83 or a G73 cycle ? I don't know your control but it's good to look in the book . alan
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john smith
The book lists a peck drilling cycle as a G83 or a G831. G81 is a spot drilling cycle, so I had it wrong below. The problem is that ALL of these are invalid G codes for my machine, because they're apparently optional. Great. Considering that Hitachi Seiki is TU, I guess there's no way to add these optional cycles. Oh, well. Sorry for the waste of bandwidth.
Mark Serbu Serbu Firearms, Inc.
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john smith wrote:
worked. I
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Got macro's?
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CNC Solutions
If it is a Fanuc Ot there is a peck drilling macro in the book.
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Bill Roberto
Mark, You might try logging on to IRC chat and look for John, he knows a lot of controls and may be able to help. If I recall your in FL, he's back East also and checks in about 7:00 PM give or take.
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