If Heaven's not a lot like Dixie, I don't wanna go...
If Heavens not a lot like dixie, I'd just as soon stay home.
I hope it never dries up south of the mason dixon line.
Damn if I have to go back to new england Ill kill myself.
Ya'll have a nice weekend. My 21 yr old daughter is getting married this
week, costed me 2 years of overtime. But in todays economy that's not so
This week......I am old like the rest of you grandpa's.
So now I can get all grumpy and dick out because someone touched my damn
grinding wheel!
This trade rules, even if it sucks.
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With the unemployment rate as high as it is the commute back and forth to work 6 days a week is great, there's a lot less traffic on the highways. :)
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Black Dragon
And the 18 wheeler truck traffic is down a lot. There are a lot fewer trucks on Interstate 80 & 81.
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2 machine shop auctions this month and 1 machine tool dealer auction next week.
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Richard W.
I see a lot of trailers and shipping containers on rail. Resurgence of the railroad industry perhaps? But I'd rather travel on highways full of trucks than the increasing gelatinous stupidity that funnels on to the highways every morning the closer I get to the city. Feh.
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Black Dragon
Heh. When my daughter asked my wife and I to help pay for her wedding we told her to go pound salt and do what we did 26 years ago. We saved up and paid for our own. And both our parents did the same. Why break a family tradition? :)
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Black Dragon
BD, I did the same with my daughters weddings. Both worked their way through college, and paid for their own cars and insurance also. Surprising how quickly you can get through college when your paying and how well they took care of their cars.
You value what you work for.
Best, Steve
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Our two youngest (2 years apart in age) each got married in March, glad that is done. Michael
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My 2 sons 24&22 - still at home. Cant get rid off'em! Their smart nowdays, especially when they have a cool old man like me. I don't know how you guys did it with girls. My hat's off to ya.
Mold shops in the Chi-town burbs suck. There are a few good ones left & by what I've heard, they are busy. The others left are just "holding their own" & vicious places to work for. After 30yrs in the injection mold biz I escaped about 4yrs ago. Now into Ultrasonics - seems like that industry the Chinese cannot do- yet! till some dumb ass goes there & teaches them how to do Ultrasonics to make a quick buck, just like the Mold industry has been forced to do for the last 10yrs. Thanks big business & our wonderful government for letting this happen & destroying the "great" American trade! Without Machinists, Toolmakers, Moldmakers you cannot make shit! get it? Grrrrrrrrrrr. I have to get my blood pressure meds now.
on a brighter note:
Holdzem=A9=AE its the best thing since sliced bread ages 5-95 Everyone in the world can use a Holdzem! even people on AMC that don't like it can use Holdzem!
formatting link
\|||/ (o o) ______.oOO-(_)-OOo.____________________ ~ Gil ~ the HOLDZEM=A9=AE king
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