Inneresting coolant leak problem on Fadal

And probably on similarly-designed machines.
For a long long while I thought the problem was the centrifiugal pump
splashing out coolant when the tank was low, because when I filled up the
tank the problem would go away--an apparent coincidence.
Seems this was the real culprit:
There is a separate drainage hose that drains a mall well that exists in the
center of the main casting, The fitting to the hose became clogged, and
coolant would spill over, some of it on top of the coolant tank cover,
leading me to think splashing was occurring.
Probably this was occuring even more often than I thought, as I would only
see the accumulated puddle after some time. Some time ago I posted on what
was consuming coolant, and altho the various factors discussed were valid,
for sure this leak was the bulk of the loss. Will be interesting to see
what the consumption is now. I was losing, ballpark, about a gallon per
hour or so of running time. I'm pretty sure this was a factor of 10 over
Also, it appears various joints in the cabinet housing are simply caulked,
and not with the good silicon stuff, either. There are a cupla drips here
and there, but these are minor. Will get to them one of these days.
Also helpful is the bypass switch I wired to the centrifugal pump, so that I
can switch it on with the machine off. This has to be done w/ some
electrical perspicacity, as normally the humongo and very-expensive
transformer feeds the pump (120V). I re-wired the pump for 220, and put it
on a relay, so the pump can run off outside power. You don't want to
back-feed juice to the machine w/ the bypass switch.
Now, I use the Fadal tank as a reserve, to fill other machines--now via a
bucket, but eventually w/ some plumbing--but at least the fadal does not
need to be turned on.
Part of my earlier Fadal Pimpification Project.
Much drier shop now. :)
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll
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