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I just put 9913 into one of our machines as a test, the first thing I've noticed is it produces a much better surface finish on the 6061.

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Hi Ken,

I'm also currently researching high performance cutting fluids for a new VMC due late this month - cutting 90% aluminum 6061. I went to the Castrol website:

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and there are many interesting products but none that I could find called Safety 65. The Alusol XT sounds interesting, however it is yellow, not blue. Several fluids have a four digit number starting with

65nn - which one were you describing? TIA.

Cheers, Peter

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Peter Renolds

Second thing is it actually loosens old crud and rejects oil quite well.

On a related the cabinet is leaking.....guess I'm gonna hafta buy a tube of sillycone pretty soon.....

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