OT: benchmarking your flash drives and SD cards

Flash (thumb) drives and SD cards have become increasingly
popular for dagta/program storage and transfer because of
their small size, high data capacity, and immunity to
magnetic fields typical of airport scanners.
I just came across a bench marking program that may be of
interest to the group for these devices. You can download
it for free at
formatting link

Some takeaways from the few benchmarks I ran:
There is a difference in the read/write speed between
brands. The one new micro flash drives I checked was slower
than the full size drives.
formatting link

You can see the difference between class 4 and class 10 SD
cards. For data transfer/storage most likely no practical
difference. If you are using a SD card or flash drive as a
"ReadyBoost" drive you may see a difference.
The older flash drives in addition to having less capacity
are also slower. Again, this may or may not be of
significance depend what you are using them for and the
amount of data you are dealing with.
Still amazes me that you can get 128GB of data into a SD
flash card smaller than a postage stamp. The micro sd cards
are even tinier.
formatting link

also see
formatting link

(Snowden -- eat your heart out...)
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F. George McDuffee
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"F. George McDuffee" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com...
I use this utility from NirSoft:
formatting link

Some of his programs trigger antivirus warnings for suspicious behavior, especially the password and key viewers, but then so does the XP SP3 update package.
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Jim Wilkins
While we talk about USB sticks / cards - I found an interesting issue today.
I had some sticks new from Christmas. I have a number of them - all sizes. One very large.
I plugged in a new stick so I could copy a file to put on my laptop.
This computer is 7 pro. The laptop is 8.1
The sticks came formatted for fat-32
The system 7 knew they were sticks but would not allow any work. 0 bytes used, 0 bytes total. Hum.
Plugged them into the 8.1 and I saw they had memory. Saw they were fat-32. Formatted them to nfs and they worked on both machines just fine.
Odd, they were 'blanks' - e.g. no files. I have other sticks with Fat-32 and they worked. They had files on them already.
Would not format on 7. No GUI nothing. On 8.1 GUI popped up upon request and did the job.
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Martin Eastburn
Check their security permissions.
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Jim Wilkins

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