still work out there - MN

Probably a good thing I took the time to answer the actual question posted by the O.P. because no one else seems interested in doing so.

Jon Banquer San Diego, CA .

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Some of us can ... wait, I'm getting a message from the other side ... in the 08 elections, the Democrats will take additional Seats in the House but the Republicans will retain control. Oh, wait, that's the election of 1908.

dang cheap war surplus ESP...


-- pyotr filipivich "I had just been through hell and must have looked like death warmed over walking into the saloon, because when I asked the bartender whether they served zombies he said, ?Sure, what'll you have?'" from I Hear America Swinging by Peter DeVries

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pyotr filipivich

A USDA "Gift Card," good anywhere. Just like the FEMA "Gift Cards."


We are such nice people. Do we ever help them find jobs?

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In California we also put their cash benefits on the card. I like that - Gift Card.

Too nice in many respects. (IMO)

That's another "department" in my county (the only place I can speak for) - Employment and Training. They work with the cash aid clients. I'm not really sure how much of either they do but they get pretty tough if the client doesn't co-operate. The adults are expected to do a certain amount of work (either pay or assigned) or school or job search (or a combination) and if they don't they lose some of their cash aid (whatever their "share" is of the benefit amt). Sue

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This is one of your more blatant lies. Drinking today because the Easter Bunny didnt bring you anything?


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