What types of work you like?

I like easy work. I really liked finishing plastic injection moulds. Most ly barrel moulds. Close positional tolerance which could be kept on an Oku ma, as long as the machine was kept for finishing. Bores, mostly +.0005 -

0000. Sometimes within a couple of tenths. Most of the material was 4140 steel. Sometimes we got free machining stainless: Ramax. Beautiful stuff to work with. The 4140, was usually nickel plated, so we had to bore to suit. I also lik ed doing really big work such as large moulds and steel factory components. You?
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I'm partial to prototype,make it up as you go prototype. One of my biggest customers walked into my shop with a sketch and an idea,I made it work for him. He turned that original idea and the prototype into a multi million dollar company. I made all the following prototypes,and did production on the original. Another customer wandered in with a sketch and a molded part,wanted me to d esign and build tooling to hold the part for dipping in his "secret sauce". A chemical solution. I'm still making tooling for him the same way. Also m ow doing aluminum molds for proof of concept.

Give me a sketch or wave your arms around and I'll give you what you want,o r at least what you asked for.

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T Rex PhD on Mon, 12 May 2014 13:40:14

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-- pyotr filipivich "With Age comes Wisdom. Although more often, Age travels alone."

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I prefer the hard work: it generally pays better because those who contract for the easy work are typically lacking the skills to do anything different.

But, at the end of the day, it's all just work. And so whenever possible, I'd instead rather be playing, than to be constantly be grubbing for the easiest work

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