Wright Douglas Aerospace Petitions for Fair Bid Review

Wright Douglas Aerospace Petitions for Fair Bid Review
Los Angeles.
Wright Douglas Aerospace filed a petition with the state
department alleging that they were denied a fair bid
review on the Air Force Tanker project indicating
that their proposal provided the Air Force with a
state-of-the-art aircraft completely built in the United
States. The proposed aircraft exceeds all military
requirements and utilizes a highly modified WD-111
rear-engined T-tail airframe coupled with three Pratt and Douglas
efficiency prop-fan turbines. The mostly composite
airframe integrated with the NASA developed prop-fan
technology powered by high efficiency P&D turbines
provides a state-of-the-art Air Tanker platform
at a substantially reduced cost in comparison with the
Northrop-Grumman-Airbus proposal or the Boeing
767 proposal. Not to mention the first application
of shock conforming airfoil structures for keeping up
with DoD's new hypersonics.
Officials at Wright Douglas LA indicate that it is because
our corporation is a "Human Corporation" and discriminates
against the "Klan Race" that their proposal was denied.
The CEO of WDLA, Wayne Manzo, stated that we never, nor will ever,
employ telepaths in our organization and that I will
personally fire any "Telepath" that slips through our rigorious
employment screening process. Each of our employees are "Brain
when they come to work and if we find they are blessed with a "Cell
Phone Brain"
they are immediately layed-off. Let them work for the Spooks or
beam themselves back upstairs. One "Hive Head" on the payroll and
you can kiss your human workforce goodbye. Manzo admits that
he is biased. I like to work with real people, not spooks.
WDLA also indicates that with the Northrop-Grumman Air Tanker HQ
in Orlando and with the recent activity at
McDuh Air Force Base in Tampa that the "Klan
Hive Heads" stole the contract a long time before the proposals were
Manzo, also stated that we don't like military contracts anyway
because the D.O.D. has been invaded and has no real purpose anyway
but we still feel we can deliver a better product for the
American taxpayer even if their government has
run-a-mock with "Klan Spooks".
CEO Manzo also states that if the proposals are fairly reviewed and
Wright Douglas gets the deal then the planes and engines
will be built in Los Angeles and that the "Klantinos" will
not find employment nor free hydraulic parts at WDLA.
source: Aviation Weak and Spook Technology
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