How upload a program to PLC Mitsubishi Fx2n with GOT940


i littel question:

i've a system composed by a PLC Mitsubishi FX2N + a Touch Screen GOT940 connected. The question:

i've made a progam with GX Developer for the PLC and a program for the GOT940 with FX-PCS-du-win-e .

Can i upload the 2 program(one for the PLC and the other for the GOT) from the RS232 port on the GOT with a normal 232-232 cable?

Or i must before upload the program made with GX to the PLC(with a SC-09 cable) and then upload the program made with FX-PCS-DU-WIN-E to the GOT with a normal 232-232 cable?

Thnks for any help

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You may find more help at

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as those forums are dedicated to PLC control..

Peter Nachtwey

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