I have a ISA control card driving a lab helicopter. But it is really
old. Now my advisor wants to connect it to a new computer without ISA
port. So can I select a ISA to USB converter and connect it to the USB
port of the new PC? Does that lose the real-time speed? Thanks!
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Whether or not it's possible and whether or not you use the real-time responsiveness depends on the adapter, it's driver software, and probably the OS as well.
Personally I wouldn't trust it. I suspect that you'll have to do more work to kludge everything together than you would have to do to find a decent USB control box.
Can your advisor be talked out of this?
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Tim Wescott
My advisor just want to save the money for buying another PCI-based control card for the helicopter. That is the main reason.
thanks a lot for your advice.
have a good day!
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