OPC Server not Multi-Connection

Hi all,

I have a question, we have here at my compagny an OPC server wrote in VB (API) and I am able to connect to it using an OPC client (free software on the net).

The problem that I have his that I can not connect two clients on it ??

It give me an error CLsid...some thing

Does anybody knows why.

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Are the computers in the same sub net?

sid = security identifier Good ole MS..

Every I have done this I use static IP's on a dedicated network, saves me a lot of time.

But then again I could be all wet and not understand your question.

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No they are on the same network.

One thing is sure, the guy that worte the VB program didn't exactly knows what he was doing ??


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If you stop client 1 can you then connect client 2?

I haven't written an OPC server (yet) but from remarks on the OPC Foundation discussion groups ISTR it is possible to (mis-)design a server that will support only one connection.

Telling us the _full_ error message may give a clue.


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yes if I stop client 1 than I can connect OPC client 2..

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