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Hello, I am having problems with an OPC server. I originally had planned to talk to multiple PLCs using the company's OPC server. However, if communications, for example the lose of power to a PLC, occurs the OPC program basically freezes. Fortunately I was able to still talk to more than one PLC by running the OPC server as multiple processes, each with a different configuration, on the same PC. I can see that data is being captured by these multiple OPC servers, but cannot seem to browse them using OPC. Instead, all I see is OPCProgram.OPCServer.2 available. I was hoping that there was some standard in place, that I could use such as adding a number or process id??? that would let me connect to mulitple running processes of the same OPC server running on a single PC.

Thank You for your time and suggestions!

Ryan Fleming

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Ryan Fleming
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