Problems with VB-client when using and WEB-service on UNIX

We have a problem getting reply to a VB-6 client from a GSOAP Unix
The GSOAP WEB-server on UNIX is replying fine if we connect to the
server from a .net client. But some (not all) VB-6 clients are hanging
when they are waiting for a reply from the WEB-server even though we
in logfiles can see that everything including the answer is created on
the server side. The strange thing is that some client computers
always work fine, while other client computers never work, so it seems
that we have a problem with the setup of the clients ???
Note that this problem ocurres only on some client computers.
Other client computers work fine.
The clients are running on Windows 2000 SP4.
We have also tried on Windows NT4 and the same happens here.
Some clients work fine, while others never work.
(Sorry: if this is wrong forum please tell me which is the correct
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RGDS Per Eskilson
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Per Eskilson
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