SLC5/04 & Excel Query

A number of years ago I wrote a Lotus 123 spreadsheet (with some help), that
monitored in real time, analogue inputs to a Modicon 984 PLC.
Each cell was set up as a Datalink Link, for example
Is it possible to do this with an Allen Bradley SLC5/04 PLC and Excel?
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Another cell formula we used was @DATALINK("modbus","plc1","41120")
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Yes. I do not know what exactly the command is. It would depend on which ODBC drivers you have loaded. Both Labview and Wonderware have knowledge databases which describe in detail the commands necessary for the SLC family. I'm assuming that your question was more towards what the command actually is tho. Maybe someone here will know this off hand.
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A. Paul Montgomery
Check out
formatting link
for a Serial DF1 or DH+ ActiveX Control compatible with SLC5/04 that can be embedded in your Excel spreadsheet.
You will need to implement a very small amount of VBA code.
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