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Hello, y'all.
I hope I'm not violating etiquette by posting this, but since I'm not
much of a metalworker, I don't hang out here.
Anyway, I've put a few items of interest to metal-heads* up for
auction on Ebay, and I thought this might be a good place to share.
You can find the details here:
formatting link

Thanks for your time.
* Sorry if the "metal heads" joke was in poor taste... :)
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It's always been slow. This groups was meant to catch the off topic postings and 'for sale', non commercial stuff that goes into
People don't seem to be using it too often.
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m II
You may want to take a look at "alt.crafts.blacksmithing" or "theforge." All the action is on those forums. "Theforge" is available from the ABANA server, or used to be. I assume it still is. The flame wars got so intense I stopped visiting it about 8 years ago.
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Ronald Reil

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