electrical calculators online and free

I now have completed 24 online Calculators. 23 are JavaScript and run
in the webpage, one is an Excel Spreadsheet.
The Table 310.16 calculators are second to none that I have found on
the Internet including commercial programs that I have tried.
The raceway fill programs are used by several engineers and
electricians. These programs took many hours to develop over the last
10 years and comply with the 2005 NEC.
The programs are at
formatting link
under the calculator
They used to be at my old site electrician.com.
Here is the list:
Table 310.16 Conductor size
Table 310.16 Load
Table 310.16 Parallel Conductor
Raceway offset and developed length
4 each voltage drop to find distance, size, voltage drop
4 each power and ohm's law
Raceway fill for wire
Raceway fill for cables
Motor Circuit
Cable tray tension
Duct wire pulling tension
Grounding wire size
Grounding electrode size
Overcurrent selection
Advanced Voltage drop
Excel Spreadsheet Table 310.16 size for copper
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What tool do you use to generate your HTML pages? (So I can avoid it.)
formatting link
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I use Frontpage and Ultraedit. For the time spent, Frontpage is the absolute best. It is fast and convenient. The pages run perfectly fine in IE 5+. I don't really care about any other browser. As far as your validation program, it sounds like a real flute to me. The programs produce results that are useable and applicable to the electrical industry and are used by many engineers and electricians. You may be a programmer that rips off people with your trite, but that does not impress me. I have been around a long time. W3 standards are obsolete. My statistics show that 98 per cent of users use IE5+. If a user cannot afford IE then they can't afford to run my programs! Most electrical people are in a high enough income bracket to buy better products and do.
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