Flame Resistant "Batting" for Xmas Lights

My friend is an artist, craft person. She drilled a hole in a transparent
glass block (8"x6"x4" prox) and stuffed a string of small Xmas lights
inside. Then she hand painted a scene and plugged it in. Eye-catching. Now,
however, she want to ship it to a friend. I have visions of 24 tiny bulbs
getting much much tinier; there won't be one left from hitting the sides and
hitting one another.
If there were some very fine fiber - like angel hair - that could be stuffed
inside or with the string of lights to add as cushion yet still permit
lumination, she'd have her problem solved. In fact, if the material glowed a
tad, it would even enhance the picture.
Any thought on such a material... that's reasonable in cost?
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John Gregory
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I recommend some fine gunpowder, for a spectacular effect.
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Long Ranger
Do they not sell white glass-fiber at pet stores for aquarium filters? Check that it's glass and not plastic, though. Stuffing a string of Christmas lights into a glass block is probably *not* on the UL/CSA test schedule, so I don't think they'll last long anyway.
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Bill Shymanski
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John Gregory

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