Need help converting a 240V outlet to a 120V outlet

I bought this house and I am guessing the former owner had something
outside that ran on 240V. All they left were a bunch of wires hanging
out of the wall. I want to make it into a regular 120V outlet.
The breaker is a dual 30Amp breaker with a white wire and a black wire
coming in.
Picture here: (The breaker is switched off)
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There are two sets of 3 wires coming out of the wall. They both have a
black wire, white wire and bare wire.
Picture here:
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The smaller set does not seem to show any voltage at all.
Is it easy to make this into a 120V outlet?
I was hoping all I would have to do is remove the metal clip that binds
the circuit breakers together and flip only one and I would get 120V,
but that is not the case. It goes to zero when I do that.
I read some on the net and maybe I need to move the white wire from the
breaker to the neutral pole in the breaker box?
Any help is appreciated.
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Looks like #12 wire AND a #14 wire. I would say you have a mess. Get help!! Do you really know where those wires go wrt the breakers? I can't even guess from the pictures. --Phil wrote:
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Phil Munro
I fixed it. I new that the #12 wire went to the 2x30 Amp Breakers and the #14 wire was never hot, so I just put caps and tape on it and shoved it in the wall. Th #12 wire I took the red tape off of the white wire on each end since that is usually how you designate a 240V set up. Then I moved the now white wire to the common post in the box and I changed the black wire to a 20 Amp Circuit breaker and bingo I had 120V on the line. Checked it from the black to white and black to bare and 120V all the way. I then wired myself up an outlet and that was that.
I was pretty sure it was not that hard. I looked at the wires from a 120V plug that comes right out of my Circuit Breaker box and figured it out.
Phil Munro wrote:
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\sites\Single20\AjaxDaKid\database\pablo\AF_REPOSITORY/2006\2006-07-26%20240V%20to%20120V%20Conversion\DSC02936.JPG> >
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