Number of outlets or lights on a circuit.

I have a garage that I am putting about 11 outlets on one 20 amp breaker. Someone at work told me the maximum outlets is 8??? Is this correct?

How many lights can you have on one circuit?

I appreciate your help!

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Just tools. Table saw, chop saw, air compressor. But nothing ever beign used at the same time.

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Under the US-NEC the number of residential circuits is determined by calculation and the load is to be approximately evenly divided between the circuits. (At 3 watts per square foot a 20A circuit is good for 800 square feet.)

The bottom line for your garage is what you are doing is fine unless you are going to overload the circuit. If you are going to use the garage for a shop figure what the maximum load will be at any time.

The NEC has no maximum number of receptacles on a residential circuit. (Local codes could.)

For other than residential, in general a receptacle (or duplex receptacle) is to be counted as 1.5A each.

I agree with Bill's approach. (For "continuous" loads (over 3 hours) a breaker should only be loaded to 80%.)

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