Omron PLC C20H always gives END statement missing error

I have got a C20H for learning, and got it connected, checked the
battery, etc. Even the time was correct!
I can create a programme for CxxH, simply the 0.2 seconds timer to
output 2.00. Should make the LED flash.=F5
I had to turn dipswiches to "RAM" inside.
I can download to the PLC, get download succeeded and then I have the
1) verifying the programme fails - first statement is wrong, though I
cannot see the problem.
2) running the software causes: END statement missing or programme
Can anyone help me out?
Is there a OMRON group or forum around?
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Sonnich Jensen
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W dniu sobota, 3 marca 2012 16:40:40 UTC+1 u?ytkownik Sonnich Jensen n apisa?:
Hello, i found that topic in internet. I have the same Problem. Do you Fix it, because i dont know how to run my progam. Bartosz Marona
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