Please help me to Design inverter for ballast electronic

My name is Rahmat Akmal Jaspa, you can call me Rahmat. I come from Indonesia. This time I study at one of university in west sumatra ( Indonesia ), precisely in Bung Hatta University. In this time I was finishing my final duty concerning electronic ballast, I was difficulty to design part of this ballast inverter. Do you can assist me to design its block? This ballast designed with capacities 200 watt, how to design this block , calculation and sample form this blok circuit. Thanks, if you want to help me

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In article , mistery (known to some as mistery scribed...

You can (and probably should) be able to find all the answers you need from the books available through your university's library.

Asking others to do your homework for you is pretty tacky, IMO, and it certainly doesn't do you any good in the long run.

Happy hunting.

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

Dr. Anton T. Squeegee wrote in news:

Or you could do your research at one of the chip manufacturers

Such as;

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