Please help solve this 12V electrical circuit puzzle

I'm working on a puzzle (game) that I can't seem to figure out.
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Both puzzles are on 12 volt electrical circuits with
incandescent lights on the top puzzle and LED lights on the bottom puzzle.
The answer for the top puzzle should be something in the neighborhood of
33 and the answer to the bottom puzzle should be in the neighborhood of
I have no information about what the numbers given represent. I've
tried a few calculations solving for watts, amps and ohms and I can't
seem to come anywhere near the expected results.
I'm thinking there is something in the way they are configured that
makes this more of a simple add-em-up type of solution.
Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. Sorry if this is a repost. I tried to attach the image to my first
attempt and the post didn't show up before I made this post.
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The incandescents are filament resistance and the LEDs are the ratio furlong per fortnight.
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Tim Perry
Let me preface this with saying that after sleeping on this I came to the conclusion that the answer for the incandescent lights should be in the 34.5 neighborhood and the answer for the LED's should be in the neighborhood of 4.
Here's what I came up with:
1/2.8398 (0.35213) + 1/5.6534 (0.17688) = 0.52901. 1/0.52901 = 1.89032 ohms for the first parallel circuit. 1.89032 + 7.0134 = 8.90372 combined ohms for the top part of the diagram. 1/8.90372 (0.11231) + 1/7.7494 (0.12904) = 0.24135. 1/0.24135 = 4.1434 ohms total for the circuit. 4.1434 ohms @ 12v = 34.75407 watts.
Applying the same math to the bottom puzzle: 1/46.2606 (0.02162) + 1/39.4737 (0.02533) = 0.04695. 1/0.04695 = 21.29925 ohms for the first parallel circuit. 21.29925 + 63.1579 = 84.45715 combined ohms for the top part of the diagram. 1/84.45715 (0.01184) + 1/60.0000 (0.01667) = 0.02851. 1/0.02851 = 35.07541 ohms total for the circuit. 35.07541 ohms @ 12v = 4.10544 watts.
These are about as close to the expected results as I can imagine ever coming with the values and diagrams provided so I think I have my answers.
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